Last year we published the first study of Film i Väst Analysis: Public Film Funding at a Crossroads. At Berlinale this year we will introduce to you our follow up: Public Film Funding at a Crossroads II. 

When: February 18, at 3-4.30pm, followed by a press event and a cocktail (4.30-5.30pm)
Where: Hilton Hotel, Mohrenstrasse 30, Berlin


Public Film Funding at A Crossroads II aims to deepen the discussion around some of the most crucial issues for public film and audiovisual policies and for public film agencies in the mid- and long-term future. We have in the study included some of the hottest and most discussed and debated questions in the sector today and most likely in the years to come.

We will in the Berlinale teaser concentrate upon ‘the old world’ and ‘the new world’ and what principles should guide public film- and audiovisual policies and film agencies actions. In the event you will listen to, meet and engage with experts from across Europe (UK, France, Germany, the Nordics and Eastern Europe).

On stage:
Tomas Eskilsson, head of Film i Väst Analysis
Michael Gubbins, journalist, analyst and consultant with focus film and digital media
Kjersti Mo, CEO Norwegian Film Institute
Vincent Lecqlerc, senior consultant
Philippe Reynaert, senior consultant
Joanna Szymanska, producer and co-owner of SHIPsBOY

Moderator: Wendy Mitchell, film journalist and film festival consultant

We are happy to meet you at the Berlinale!

Contact at Film i Väst:
Ulrika Grönérus
, Head of Communications, 

For practical questions about the event:
Sigrid Bersmann
, Marketing & Events,

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