Upcoming Reports & Studies

Public Film Funding at A Crossroads will be updated on an ongoing basis. New editions will be published in June, September, and December 2022.

Public Film Agencies in Transition: six case studies about how public film agencies deals with the paradigm shift and the development of their operations.

The Grey Zone: The Grey Zone is in our opinion a zone where public funding (including public service broadcasters), production companies and streaming giants interact and make deals – it is a compromise arena where sometimes non-traditional deals are made.  The Grey Zone addresses conflict areas such as ownership and control of underlying rights. And according to some not all this should be regulated by EU. Underlying rights can from production company perspective be seen as valuable assets to strengthen volume and margin (prequels, sequels, remakes, new formats) or to increase the value of the company. The report reflects the topic from public film agencies, public service broadcasters, producers and VOD-services perspective.