Public Film Funding at a Crossroads – updated report June 2022

Updated report, June 2022

Public Film Funding at a Crossroads is a study about the future relevance of public film funding in Europe – particularly selective film finance.

The background is the paradigm shift, the unprecedented growth in production and of capital. Global American owned “companies” have become key drivers of local production of films and drama series in big parts of Europe.

The thesis of the report is that public selective film financing must renew its argument and change its offer to remain relevant. The purpose is to create a platform for discussion about public film policies and film funding in the mid- and longterm future.

The report is based on 700+ interviews with key stakeholders in Europe’s film and audiovisual sectors reflecting themselves and public film funding now and 2025/2030. And on 70+ dialogue seminars with more than 3,500 participants around the same topics.

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